creation 2007

This Mobile is a tribute to the jubilation of Alexandre Calder, a representation of our galaxy, made of 9 cymbals. The mobile is played by the visitor himself. Each movement reshapes the entire space. Each shock causes a ringing cosmology.


Installation 2015

Coming into those boxes, the auditor travels in surprising sounds trips. Soundboxes are cubic structures, colourful and light, suspended, turning on their axis, standing in public spaces, hanging on trees branches under a park bench or between two façades. Soft speaking whisper of silence, sky, sounds, earth, rhythm and life.

One of those soundboxes plays with our cardiac pulsation. The first one was created for the Noirlac Abbey in France, the second one is specially designed for the French embassy in Rio de Janeiro.


Abbaye de Noirlac, centre culturel de rencontre. Institut français


installation 2014

Wink to Marcel Duchamp, this tridimensional ready-made is a percussive instrument, surprising and playful. It’s an instrument in suspension composed by a bicycle wheel, placed on top of a set up of 20 bells installed on a bootle rack. With simple sticks, the spect’actor can play it according to his inspiration. An interactive system transforms and amplifies the sound in real time. At a time  the Marcelophone sounds like an Indonesian Gamelan, later we enter in a cosmic atmosphere.The Marcelophone brings the apprentice musician in a captivating journey. 

the Swap Cart

An itinerant cart for musical swap.

Cyril Hernandez is driving the Cart, with his microphones, percussions and laptop he’s offering an intimate concert in exchange of a small interview. The cart reveals the soul sound and the fraternity we embody.


creation 2009

We present the Tactile in public or private space.

It’s a sexy version of the swap cart. The public is playing it.

This cart contains a magic skin. By touching it, the spectator reveals sounds and images of love and pleasures. The caresses reveal intimate feelings, sounds and images celebrate pleasure of soul and body.



Installation 2007 and 2015

The mobile consists of a 6 speakers in suspension moving by the wind, emitting Cyril Hernandez’s recordings and musics.  Walking above the mobile the listener makes his own mix. At night spheres illuminate. The MobilSound is changing into a rolling and lighting sound system. The listening area is going to be a space of musical exchanges and a dancing space.

Space Time Mouvement

Video mapping 2017
Espaço Tempo Movimento… it's a danse film directed by Gustavo Gelmini in collaboration with the choreographer Renato Cruz, the musicien and scientist Lenine Vasconcellos, the composer Cyril Hernandez and the dansers of the compagnie Hibrida in Rio: Daniel Oliveira (Kiriku), Duly Omega, Kapu Araujo et Luciana Monnerat.

This film was presented in the form of a video mapping projected on the facade of the Centro Coreografico of the city of Rio on May 2016.

Cyril Hernandez called Ugo Boscain and his clarinette-contrebasse for this spatial feast.