Jeux de lignes-performance Le Corbusier

creation, 2015


A musical and dance performance, site specific created the 17th May 2015 for the Le Corbusier’s Villa Savoye .The dancer Caroline Baudouin  and the percussionist Cyril Hernandez are facing to the lines and perspectives of this “machine à habiter”, built on pilotis. They play with the echo of the volume and the materials used by Le Corbusier (concret and glass), in order to redraw the space; revealing it with the help of the public which follows them in this unusual walk.




Our new creation

Cosmophonies is an original project, whose anchor point is a show that turns into a form of installations and into a site specific and participatice creation. Cosmophonie draws a vision of the univers and illustrates a possible harmony between the man, the environment and his relation to the Cosmos. A show based on the rhythm, the vibration and the light turning into a collective an spectacular finale by inviting the audience on stage. A series of installations are declining scenographically from the topics approached in the show. Our creation is also taking real form in the public space with our Cosmographic Portrait. You can take a look by clicking on the images


Festival Aujourd'hui Musiques de L'Archipel, scène nationale de Perpignan, Muse en circuit, Château de Oiron, Centre des Monuments Nationaux, Espace Mendes France de Poitiers, Département de la Seine-St-Denis (dispositif IN SITU), Mains d'Oeuvres, Mairie de Paris, Drac Ile de France. Avec le soutien de l'Abbaye de Noirlac Spedidam, Cia Gelmini, Designers Unit.


Toque is a contemporany dance show that brings the saga of the human being between the solitude, the encounter and otherness.

The show brings to the stage, a language that floats between sensibility and contrasts of the body movement, the path to search for individual difference and also the difference that reaches each other. The touch of bodies, the beating of drums, the reaching the audience. Using the language of urban and contemporary music and dance, the show unites three artist from different nationalities and separate walks of life, bringing to the stage the saga of the weakened man, affected by his bruised sight.

You can take a look at our teaser: 



ciel ouvert-sky open philharmonie de Paris

Ciel Ouvert -Open Sky  is a musical and video project recorded outdoor in long sequence shot. Ciel Ouvert-Open Sky is realised by the french musician Cyril Hernandez and the brasilian director Gustavo Gelmini.
Our 5th Open Sky  was recorded  the 4th of june 2017 in the roof top of the "Philharmonie de Paris" with the dancer Caroline Baudouin.


music for two hands

multimedia show, 2013

Music for 2 hands is a multimedia show around the theme of hands: their beauty, their creativity, their potential, their sensuality. This creation presents a music enhanced by electroacoustic and multimedia, a music both visible and audible; a music that weaves new links between gesture, movement and sound.

Composition, Thierry de Mey, Cyril Hernandez, performer, Cyril Hernandez, Sound, Franck Berthoux, Light, Cyril Monteil

Partners :

Drac Île-de-France, aide à la création, Abbaye de Noirlac, Le 104, résidence d’artiste, Les 26 couleurs, les 13 Arches.




fire works

Jazz Trio


Recent scientific work has shown that fire does not starts from two flints rubbed against each other, nor from materials such as wood, coal or oil. No, flame starts from the meeting between three musicians, Ugo Boscain with his bass clarinet who provides the fuel, Tristan Macé with his bandoneon, who is feeding it, and  finally Cyril Hernandez and his percussions, the firestarter. This is why this jazz trio was borned. To warms our hearts




Created in Brasil in february 2008 and played in september 2009 at the international percussiv festival PercPan in Salvador and in Rio de Janeiro , ImaginaSon, have been presented in France, in Mexico, in Paraguay, in Japon in Cuba in Colombia.

soli in situ

A musical and spatial odyssey by Cyril Hernandez, created in 2007 at Chalon Street Festival. A musician, a percussive conjurer, a capturer and manipulator of  sounds, leads you on an electro-cosmic voyage. Accompanied by a rocket of sound and its satellite, he’ll introduce  you to the galactic universe of Calderophone. You will oscillate to  the Marcelophone, undulate to the sounds of the Larcenophone, you’ll  plunge into the vibrations of the Liquid Planet and dance to the beat  of the bogus-totem. From one station to the next, the space you  travel bends itself to the rhythms of a chaotic carnival.

au delà

performance, création 2016